National Convention List

Year Conductor City Warm-Up March Overture
2026 Louisville, KY
2025 Tampa, FL
2024 New Orleans
2023 Charlotte, NC
2022 Milwaukee
2021 Phoenix, AZ
2020 Louisville, KY — no convention held —
2019 Pickett Indianapolis, IN Mars from The Planets (Holst) The Invincible Eagle (Sousa) Fanfare and Allegro (Clifton Williams)
2018 Pickett Minneapolis, MN Thunder and Lightning Polka (Strauss Jr.) On The Quarter Deck (Alford) First Suite for Band (Alfred Reed)
2017 Reno, NV — no contest held —
2016 Pickett Cincinnati, OH Children’s March (Grainger) Bullets and Bayonets (Sousa) An Original Suite (Gordon Jacob)
2015 Pickett Baltimore, MD Blue Lake (John Barnes Chance) ┬áThe Viking (King/Glover) Finale – Symphony No. 1 (Kalinnikov/Bainum)
2014 Pickett Charlotte, NC — no contest held – Kansas City Band only entrant —
2013 Pickett Houston, TX Celebration Fanfare (Steven Reineke) Northwind March
(W. Paris Chambers)
Symphony No. 3
(Boris Kozhevnikov)
2012 Pickett Indianapolis, IN Eternal Father, Strong to Save (Claude T. Smith) Boys of the Old Brigade
(W. Paris Chambers)
New World Symphony Finale
(Antonin Dvorak)
2011 Pickett Minneapolis, MN Handel in the Strand
(Percy Grainger)
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
(John Philip Sousa)
Satiric Dances
(Norman Dello Joio)
2010 Pickett Milwaukee, WI Festiva Jubiloso
(David Holsinger)
Black Granite
(James L. Hosay)
Symphonic Episodes
(Brian Balmages)
2009 Pickett Louisville, KY American Overture
(Joseph Wilcox Jenkins)
Brighton Beach
(William P. Latham)
(Vincent Persichetti)
2008 Pickett Phoenix, AZ On Eagle’s Wings
(Robert W. Smith)
Sound Off
(John Philip Sousa)
(Percy Grainger)
2007 Pickett Reno, NV Chester
(William Schumann)
On The Campus
(John Philip Sousa)
Symphonic Suite
(Clifton Williams)
2006 McCready Salt Lake City, UT Folk Dances The Observing Visitor Where Never Lark Nor Eagle Flew
2005 McCready Honolulu, HI Marriage of Figaro Liberty Bell Second Suite – Holst
2004 McCready Nashville, TN American Salute The Galant Seventh Hounds of Spring
2003 McCready St. Louis, MO God of our Fathers Who’s Who in Navy Blue Finale – 5th Symphony
2002 McCready Charlotte, NC Santiago Carnival The Black Horse Troop Toccata and Fugue
2001 McCready San Antonio, TX American Salute Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite Eternal Father, Strong to Save
2000 McCready Milwaukee, WI American Salute Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite Hounds of Spring
1999 McCready Anaheim, CA American Salute The Gladiator Second Suite (Holst)
1998 McCready New Orleans, LA Marriage of Figaro National Emblem Victory at Sea
1997 McCready Orlando, FL Hymn Song Eisenhower Centennial Where Never Lark nor Eagle Flew
1996 McCready Salt Lake City, UT Wizard of Oz The White and Red Rose Hounds of Spring
1995 McCready Indianapolis, IN Where the River Flows
Bring Back My Child
A Slavic Farewell Eternal Father, Strong to Save
1994 McCready Minneapolis, MN Variations on America Pathfinder of Panama Il Guarany
1993 McCready Pittsburg, PA March Onward B.B. & C.F. Zampa
1992 McCready Chicago, IL America’s Finest Eisenhower Centennial Manzoni Requiem
1991 McCready Phoenix, AZ Irish Tune from County Derry Las Marcha del Soldaesca Espanol Manzoni Requiem
1990 McCready Indianapolis, IN Lohengren (Finale) Emblem of Unity Folk Dances (Shostakovich)
1989 McCready Baltimore, MD Citation Free Lance Finale – 5th Symphony
1988 House/Kiersey Louisville, KY Marriage of Figaro Pieces of Eight Light Cavalry
1987 House/Kiersey San Antonio, TX Sea Songs Marcha 3 de Febrero Merry Wives of Windsor
1986 House/Kiersey Cincinnati, OH Americans We Army of the Nile Italan in Algiers
1985 House/Kiersey New Orleans, LA San Lorenzo My Reginment Force of Destiny
1984 House/Kiersey Salt Lake City, UT

— no contest held – Kansas City Band only entrant —

1983 House Seattle, WA Marriage of Figaro Marathon Mars Force of Destiny
1982 House Chicago, IL Semirimidi
1981 House Hawaii

— no contest held – no bands entered due to travel costs —

1980 House Boston, MA Zacatecas Joyce’s 71st Regiment Morning Noon and Night
1979 House Houston, TX George Washington Bicentennial Pieces of Eight Andre Chenier
1978 House New Orleans, LA World Events British Eight Second Suite – Holst
1977 House Denver, CO National Spirit Fairest of the Fair English Folk Song Suite – Holst
1976 House Portland, OR Merry Wives of Windsor
1975 Hanna Minneapolis, MN National Emblem Castle Gap First Suite in Eb – Holst
1974 Alter Miami, FL Amparita Roca George Washington Bicentennial Universal Judgement
1973 Alter Hawaii

— no contest held – no bands entered due to travel costs —

1972 Alter Chicago, IL Citation Black Horse Troop Zampa
1971 House Houston, TX Carrollton Dragoons DeVillars Andre Chenier
1970 House Portland, OR
1969 House Atlanta, GA
1968 House New Orleans, LA Egmont
1967 House Boston, MA Light Cavalry
1966 House Washington D.C.
1965 House Portland, OR
1964 Fridel Dallas, TX Flying Dutchman
1963 Fridel Miami, FL Euryanthe
1962 Fridel Las Vegas, NV Die Meistersinger
1961 Kelley Denver, CO
1960 Fridel Miami, FL
1959 Mumaw Minneapolis, MN
1958 Mumaw Chicago, IL
1957 Mumaw Atlantic City, NJ
1956 Mumaw Los Angeles, CA
1955 Mumaw Miami, FL
1954 Mumaw Washington D.C.
1953 Buttagoli St. Louis, MO
1952 Buttagoli New York, NY
1951 Fox Miami, FL
1950 Fox Los Angeles, CA
1949 Fox Philadelphia, PA
1948 Fox Miami, FL
1947 New York, NY
1946 San Francisco, CA
1945 Chicago, IL
1944 Chicago, IL
1943 Omaha, NE
1942 Kansas City, MO
1941 Milwaukee, WI
1940 Boston, MA
1939 Chicago, IL
1938 Los Angeles, CA
1937 New York, NY
1936 Cleveland, OH
1935 St. Louis, MO
1934 Miami, FL
1933 Chicago, IL
1932 Portland, OR
1931 Detroit, MI
1930 Boston, MA
1929 Louisville, KY
1928 San Antonio, TX
1927 New York, NY
1926 Philadelphia, PA
1925 Omaha, NE
1924 St. Paul, MN
1923 San Francisco, CA
1922 New Orleans, LA
1921 Kansas City, MO
1920 Cleveland, OH
1919 Minneapolis, MN

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