Malcolm’s Introduction

The American Legion is declining in membership, which means the finances are also declining. With costs of uniforms, music, practice halls and travel increasing, the future of the band is in great jeopardy. As one looks to the future he is drawn to the past, the glory and good times. Many members contributed to these times. It is the intent of this book to honor and remember these members.

The start of this project was the idea of Beth Behrens, a member of the flute section since 1968. The start was to provide some memories for Kermit Harper, terminally ill with cancer. It then became a larger project to provide memories for all members and future members.

Beth provided the “gofer”, gathering material from many members. Early history is non-existent. Two members, Clyde Rayburn and Dick Clutter who played in the band in the late forties and early fifties were able to supply the early information. I have tried to put it all together for your enjoyment. I would appreciate your comments and should you have information not included, I would like to add it.

Malcolm R. Easterday
May 2004

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