Flip Folder

Americans We (Henry Fillmore)
British Eighth (Zo Elliott)
Carrollton March (Karl L. King)
Chicago Tribune (W.P. Chambers)
The Circus Bee (Henry Fillmore)
Colossus of Columbia (Alexander)
The Conqueror (C. Teike /arr Laurendeau)
The Fairest of the Fair (Sousa)
The Footlifter (Henry Fillmore)
Hands Across the Sea (Sousa)
Heroes of the Argonne (J.W. Griffis)
Invercargill (Alex F. Lithgow /arr Laurendeau)
Kansas City (Mike Stoller and Jerry Lieber)
King Cotton (Sousa)
The Klaxon (Henry Fillmore)
The Liberty Bell (Sousa)
Men of Ohio (Henry Fillmore)
Missouri Waltz (Frederic Knight Logan /arr Yoder)
National Emblem (E.E. Bagley)
The Purple Carnival (Harry Alford)
Republic of Korea (An Ik Tai)
Salute to America’s Finest (Paul Lavendar)
Saint Louis Blues March (W.C. Handy)
Semper Fidelis (Sousa)
Star Spangled Banner (Damrosch/Sousa)
The Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa)
Thunder and Blazes (Fucik-Laurendeau)
The Thunderer (Sousa)
Washington Grays (C.S.Grafulla)
Washington Post (Sousa)

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