One of the hardest jobs and the most demanding is the LIBRARIAN. Passing out music, collecting, storing it and hunting for lost parts. The job is distracting, as a player in the band they must stop if some one wants music. When music is collected, often someone forgets, or forgets to look in an unused folder.

The librarian in the fifties was Dan Kasmercheck. Dan did this job for many years, not always putting music in the proper place, but always willing to look for it. On parades music has to be passed out and collected at the end of the parade, this also was the librarian’s job. As practice halls changed, the music had to also be moved. In the fifties, the Masonic building at Linwood and Paseo, which was then owned by the Legion was used.

Next, the East building at Liberty Memorial, then the old Journal Post building, also known as “bug haven”, which was later torn down and rebuilt as part of Crown Center. Epperson Hall on the UMKC campus was used for rehearsals for a couple of years. For a short time the Kansas Legion post at 75 and Metcalf was used. Next move was to the Presbyterian Church at 84th and Foster in Overland Park.

After Dan Kasmercheck the librarian was Betty Easterday. The music was stored in the Stock Yards building in the west bottoms, the same building where the Golden Ox restaurant is located. When the move was made to the Kansas Legion Post, the job of librarian was taken over by Jerry Hamilton. The music was stored by Jerry in his home. The current librarian is Tom Mahan. Over the years, Wendi Levitt, Buck Buchanan, Paul Nadig, Kermit Harper and others have helped do this job.

Jerry Hamilton

Betty Easterday

Buck Buchanan

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