Charles Bachman [bass drum]

Son Charles Bachman Jr. [trombone]

Lawrence [Larry] Blair [trumpet]

Son Larry Blair [trumpet]

Steve Catron [euphonium]

Daughter Melanie Catron [bass clarinet]

Frank Fendorf [euphonium]

Son Fred Fendorf [percussion]

Dave Groebe [trombone]

Son Matt Groebe [percussion]

William E. Hall  [trumpet]

Son William H. Hall [trumpet]
Nephew Doug H. Hall [french horn]

Son Jeremiah Hall [french horn]

Bill Hamaker [euphonium]

Son Bill Hamaker Jr. [french horn]

Kermit Harper [clarinet/drum major]
Joanne Harper [flute]

Daughter Jackie Harper [clarinet]
Daughter Sandra Harper [flute]

Keith House [director/trumpet]

Son Ted House [euphonium]
Son Harvey House [trombone]

Belinda Johnson [clarinet]

Son  Evan Johnson [clarinet]

Glenn Kubis [percussion]

Son Kit Kubis [trumpet]
Daughter Jill Kubis [french horn]

Wendi Levitt [french horn]

Daughter Beth Lowe [trumpet]

Tom McCready [director/clarinet]

Son Matt McCready [trombone]

Barb Pearson [flute]

Daughter Heather Pearson [clarinet]

Harry Trotman [trombone]

Daughter Beth Behrens [flute]

Daughter Kristina D’Agostino [flute]

Kathy Wing (clarinet)

Daughter Keri Wing (saxophone)

Director of the Joliet Ill. American Legion Band—-Tom Drake

Son Mark Drake [bass]

Daughter Alex Drake [saxophone]

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